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These 16 Life Hacks Are Ancient, But What Ingenious Ideas People Had Back Then! Wow!

In 1910, Gallaher Ltd. Tobacco Company published 100 cards with life hacks under the title How to Do It. Who could’ve known that more than a hundred years these life hacks would still be useful? 16. How to revive cut flowers © George Arents Collection, The New York Public Library   To rejuvenate wilted flowers, put them into hot water. By the time [...]

16 Cleaning Hacks That Are Absolutely Perfect For Lazy People

After all, lazy people and procrastinators aren’t pariahs of society: we coexist with the most overachieving and the energetic, we fight the same battles, we go through the same motions and routines, but our laziness motivates us to find the most efficient solution to a problem and invent a new life hack. There are downsides [...]

18 People Who Should Get a Nobel Prize for Their Life Hacks

If we needed to choose people to be with on a deserted island, we would definitely choose the guys from this article. If they can turn a stain on a T-shirt into an island or come to the beach with a ladder, they will survive anywhere! These life hacks are about to change your life!   We have collected pictures of users who see reality from a different angle and find new ways [...]

25 Surprising & Useful Life Hacks With Your Old Dryer Sheets

Most of us have a pack of unused dryer sheets stuffed at the back of our laundry cupboards. If you’ve moved on to fabric softener, it’s high time to consider other uses  & life hacks for dryer sheets. Unlike fabric softener, dryer sheets are designed to work in the tumble dryer – the clue’s in [...]

How to Waterproof Your Shoes – Try This Awesome Trick NOW!

Waterproof shoes you say? Not possible you say! Well, actually, it just might be. In fact, not only is it possible, but the secret tool you need in order to do it is probably already sitting in your house right this instant. Far from being a complex formula or magical solution, the secret to puddle-proof footwear is actually [...]

23 Brilliant Everyday Life Hacks Using Sellotape

Everyone has a roll of Sellotape in their cupboards for wrapping presents and gifts, right? But did you know there was a whole world of life hacks using this marvelous sticky stuff… I’ve teamed up with the iconic brand Sellotape to explore 21 uses & life hacks for their range of different sticky tapes. From [...]