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15 Cooking Tricks Passed Down From the Most Prominent Chefs

Almost everyone can agree that cooking is an artform. This is why it’s important to rely not only on our cooking talent, but on a set of rules, as well. What’s more, cooking has its own secrets that chefs pass down from one generation to the next. We gathered some little-known tricks that will make your dishes even tastier and worthy of the world’s best kitchens. [...]

10 Things Most of Us Have Been Doing Wrong Our Whole Lives

There are millions and millions of everyday things we’re used to doing one way even though there is a much easier solution. For example, you don’t need to hurt yourself on pistachio shells and you might want to reconsider the way you’re sleeping.   We collected 10 useful tips for you to employ to simplify your everyday life.   1. Putting Oreos in milk with our fingers [...]

12 Ways to Use the Cosmetics You Wanted to Get Rid of — Now You’ll Probably Hold on to Them

“Saving is the wealth of the poor and the wisdom of the rich” — these are the words of Alexandre Dumas. Sometimes things that seem completely useless can, in fact, be used for a long time. For example, a cream with a smell you don’t like or a powder in the “wrong” color. We know how to make the cosmetics that are collecting dust on your shelves useful again.   We have [...]

25 Next Level Solutions To Your Everyday Problems

People say the best way to come up with the next big thing is to think of a problem that you can solve. People usually get stumped at this point because they fail to recognize all the everyday problems most people have but never knew they needed to solve. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff [...]

22 Tips & Tricks To Handle Any Fashion Emergency

Clothing emergencies can happen to anyone anywhere at anytime. Because they can happen literally in any environment, there won’t always be an easy solution. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of hacks to solve common clothing emergencies. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff If you ever find yourself in an emergency that’s not listed below, don’t [...]

20 Awesome Life Hacks That Actually Work

Life tends to get pretty hectic. We can all attest to that. There are bills to pay, errands to run, relationships to maintain, and little humans to raise. Every single one of us deserves to have it a little easier at times. We’ve compiled a list of interesting life hacks that are sure to make [...]

10 Genius Smartphone Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Cool stuff here, only cool stuff 1. Take a photo of your fridge or pantry before going to the store to help you remember what you need. cool stuff, cool stuff   2. If you have a MacBook, your ear buds will stick to the screen. cool stuff, cool stuff   3. Change the background on [...]