Best Cooking Hack Everyone Should Know – How to Peel a Head of Garlic in 5 Seconds

If you don’t cook with fresh garlic, you really should. Fresh garlic gives food a wonderful flavor. Unfortunately, that garlic can be very difficult to peel – until now. This post tells you how you can easily peel a head of garlic. It’s so easy in fact that you can have an entire garlic bulb peeled in just a few seconds.


How, you ask? You just have to put the garlic in a sealed container and shake the daylights out of it. Once you stop shaking it, you just open the container and the peelings are magically separated from the garlic. Well, not magically but it seems like magic. No more smelly hands and fingers because you have to peel garlic. You just literally shake the peelings away. If you want to buy a regular garlic peeler here is what Amazon is offering garlic peelers.

For more instructions, check the video on the next page —>

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