28 Brand New Uses for Coffee Filters You NEED to Try!

Coffee-lover? Modern capsule coffee machines may produce great drinks, but there’s one thing they don’t provide us with – an abundance of coffee filters.

There are so many great uses for coffee filters that they’re definitely worth having around the home – whether you use them for actual coffee or not!

If you loved our many amazing uses for coffee, you’re bound to love these. Here are just a few (28 to be exact) of our favourite uses for coffee filters that you can start trying today.

1. Use coffee filters to get your glasses gleaming

See clearly again.

I’m forever losing my glasses cloths. Luckily, coffee filters do just as good a job. They’re made from 100% virgin paper, so they shine glass without leaving any lint behind. Now, your office’s coffee filters will come in handy for more than just caffeine alone!

Use a coffee filter to cover plates and bowls when microwaving, and they’ll be no mess made.

2. How to decant corked wine using a coffee filter

Accidentally corked your wine? Use a coffee filter to remove any debris before serving and your guests will be none the wiser!

3. Use a coffee filter to make a DIY air freshener

Air fresheners make the home smell lovely, but they aren’t half expensive!

You can make your own using coffee filters. Add your favourite herbs/dried petals along with some essential oils into the centre of the filter, then bunch into a ball and tie with string.

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22 Amazing DIY Things You Can Make at Home

We  would like to offer you this list of 22 DIY things, which we think will evoke joy and adoration in everyone who sees them. If you spend a little time, you can create them yourself, and in doing so you’ll be sure to cheer yourself up.

Trust us, your cute-ometers will be going off the scale when you see these!


Make your own cute little garden. Grow some herbs at home and smile as you watch it grow.

Take a cup, a marker, a cotton pad and some seeds… and follow these instructions.


Those who miss winter can like these tiny safety pin skates.

Use them as a decoration, or just as a small gift. The instructions can be found here.


You can use any spare wool you have to make this super-cute hedgehog pin cushion.

Find out how to make it here.

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21 DIY Heroes Who Are Exploding the Failometer

These days, you can learn how to do lots of things on the internet. It has so many tutorials that it gives the impression that anyone can become an expert in anything just as long as they watch a few videos on the topic. Well, it may work for some, but the people below definitely should have left it to the professionals.


We don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so we want to share these pictures with you to hear your opinion!


1. Going to Grandma’s vs leaving Grandma’s


2. I wanted to make monster cookies. I think I got it…


3. Turning athletic into obese — I am good at this!

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21 Сool DIY Сountry House Furniture Ideas

A country house is the perfect place for hot summer days. Here we can finally hide from the city noise and routine, enjoy a deck chair outside, put up a hammock, and simply have a rest among friends or family.


You can create your very own piece of paradise by yourself, using leftover materials. We have collected 21 cool DIY ideas for country house furniture which you can make with your own hands. You’ll have everything you need!

A coffee table made from worn-out tires looks pretty nice. And here’s the tutorial.


If a frame is all that’s left of your chair, you can give it a new life using cords. Sounds perfect for a country house, doesn’t it? A step-by-step instruction lies here.

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18 Unbelievably Cheap But Awesome DIY Home Decor Projects

Everybody wants to have a beautifully decorated home. Imagine impressing family and friends with your exquisite décor and have them wondering how you did it. Adding your own personal touch to your décor can make your house feel even more like home.

Unfortunately, the costs of decorating a home can be expensive. The houses you see on TV and in magazines costs thousands of dollars to decorate. You want a beautiful place to call your own, but you don’t want to go bankrupt in the process. However, you are embarrassed to have company over because of the way your home looks! Luckily, there is a solution.

We have gathered the 18 best DIY home decor projects and put them into this simple lists. These projects are easy, affordable, and most importantly look fantastic. These projects will make the most inexperienced home decorator into an expert, or make an expert look even more creative. You have been thinking about adding some new flair to your home for years.

With these affordable projects you now have no excuse. Save your money for more important things, and decorate your home beautifully on a budget!

1. Chalkboard Wall paint

Put a chalkboard anywhere you can paint. Works great for kitchens and kids rooms. These paints are also magnetic, giving you more opportunities to be creative.

Chalkboard paint
Source: Pinterest


2. Wine Cork Necklace Rack

Turn a few spare wine corks into a stylish way to display your jewelry. Finally. put all of those wine corks lying around to good use!

necklace rack
Source: Well it’s ok

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Top 200 Lifehacks and Clever Ideas that Will Make Your Life Easier

Lifehacks are great. They help you to get things done and get them done quickly. We have a collection of over 200 lifehacks that are easy and will help you to save loads of time.

Want an easy way to pour pancake batter? How about a great way to cover up pings in your favorite wooden furniture? We even have a few tips for helping you on those home repair jobs. Whatever it is that you want a lifehack for, we have it.
Look through the list and pick out your favorites or you may just want to use them all. Have a favorite that we don’t have posted? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Whether you want a quick way to iron down a shirt collar, need to know how to fold a fitted bed sheet, want a better way to fold and store clothing so that you can find what you need quickly, or would like tips on closet organization, we have the lifehacks for you.

Tent playgroundSave
Egg ageSave
Shopping bag trashSave
Laundry symbolsSave
Toothpaste hackSave
Ground meat packing hackSave
Re-grow onionSave
Pillow bedsSave
Lemon decorating

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45+ Small Kitchen Organization And DIY Storage Ideas

If you got bored of your old kitchen design or you want to simply add a fresh touch of color and liveliness to your kitchen, then you should know that you can easily do this on a budget, without having to overspend. Here you will find more than 40 unique kitchen organization and DIY storage ideas that you will come to love!


1. Get Rid Of All The Household Clutter Creatively!

Get Rid Of All The Household Clutter Creatively

Household clutter is anything but a new thing, and every woman has dealt with unnecessary clutter at least once. Here are 15 creative ideas that will help you de-clutter your kitchen in a fancy, efficient and eco-friendly way!

Project Details – hgtv

2. Unconventional Kitchen Storage Ideas

Unconventional Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you have a small kitchen and you find it virtually impossible to store all the cooking ingredients and the cookware, the these unconventional, chic and creative kitchen storage ideas will certainly come in handy. Just have a look and see for yourself!

Project Details – familyhandyman

3. Practical Rid Racks

Practical Rid Racks

Storing your cookware lids can be very challenging, not to mention how noisy they are – the last thing you need is dropping them on the floor, cracking your kitchen tiles! Fortunately, this will never be the case with these great and practical lid racks that will definitely save you a lot of space and hassles.

Project Details – marthastewart

4. Cutting Board Rack

Cutting Board Rack

It is a known fact that the cutting board is the second most prolific environment for bacteria, after the dish washing sponge, this is why it is vital to store your cutting boards in a safe and hygienic manner. Here is an idea on how to make the best of your cutting board racks, without too much effort!

Project Details – familyhandyman

5. Kitchen Sink Storage Trays

Kitchen Sink Storage Trays

Do you have a hard time storing the forks, knives and plates after washing them? If so, then here are several DIY ideas for the ultimate kitchen sink storage trays. Save some time and money – don’t buy ready-made trays when you can come up with your very own!

Project Details – familyhandyman

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21 Most Creative And Useful DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas

Save your time and money and stop finding the gardening tools you misplace by trying one of these clever DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas!

1. Make it all easy and design yourself an amazing shed

Storage sheds are ideal for those who love DIY outdoor projects, when you need a customized building or are on a tight budget. Minimal knowledge is required if you have a good storage shed plan and all basic tools. Here’s a step by step DIY article on Family Handyman!

2. Have fun and be creative; a garden storage bench

Consider installing an outdoor storage bench because of its versatile nature. It provides a place to relax, compliments with your garden’s landscape, security, a convenient workspace, and of course provides extra storage. Visit Instructables to see the DIY post.

3. Build a simple tool rack in less than an hour

Instead of purchasing a new garden tool rack, you can build your own and keep your garden neat. Learn how to do this here!

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What is a No dig garden?

A simple, easy and great way to grow your food!!

The No Dig Garden is essentially a great big compost heap containing all the things that plants like best, arranged in layers just like big lasagna.

It can be built any where (on concrete, earth, clay) having no essential relationship to that surface (all though on earth it will contribute to the improvement eventually thanks to MR worm.)
I encourage you to use your imagination and also to follow the principles of both companion planting and permaculture to maximize the benefit of the system.

While me and nature prefer lots of curves and no straight lines or rules, i have formated this instructable with in a set of rules, so those who are not familiar with it can see how it works to start with, when you have the hang of it feel free to experiment.

The advantages: No Bending, NO digging, NO weeding, (use weed free straw), friendly pest balance, (use companion planting / learn to share with nature), Reduced watering, (Keep it moist) Creates humus, Attaches them friendly worms, your crops love it!

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

For the purpose of this instructable the ingredients list is for the square 1.5m x 1.5m x 1m shown in the picture.
The garden can be made of pretty much any thing so long as it includes a good equal mixture of nitrogen and carbon rich materials, below are my favourite ingredients.



The decision to garden in the winter is an easy one to make. It requires very little time, space and materials to grow tasty salad greens. While reading the seed catalogs, I came across growing shoots, specifically popcorn shoots. So, off to the local farm supply store I went. I snagged a bag of seed starting mix to start the process of growing shoots.

Besides the seed starting mix, all ingredients were on hand. The popcorn came from the kitchen pantry. There were leftover aluminum casserole trays with plastic covers from the holidays. I used an extra storage container to pre-soak the popcorn seeds for a few days.

This is a great project to start over a very long snowy weekend. As for time to harvest, after the pre-soaking period, it takes 10 to 14 days to get shoots 2 to 4 inches long. The shoots are simply snipped off at the base when they have grown to the length you want. I plan to use them in stir fry dishes and salads of course.

This is such an easy crop to grow!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

The materials are as follows:

  • Fresh Popcorn, i.e. not 3 years old (unpopped, not the microwavable kind)
  • Flat Casserole Tray or other container with sides less than 2″ deep
  • Small Container
  • Potting Soil
  • Water
  • Kitchen shears