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5 Awesome Kid-Friendly DIY Projects to Spruce Up Your Garden!

Planning to spruce up your garden but have no idea on how to start? Then it’s time to get your tools out and begin working on those creative juices. If your kids want to join in, then that’s perfect. You can find a lot of DIY projects you and your children will have fun with. Easy and safe to do, your kids will appreciate these projects while it makes your garden (and family ties) even better.

Kid-Friendly DIY Projects for the Garden

Here are my five favorite DIY projects my kids and I do together to make the garden look even better!

Mini Gardening Pots

While you can create your pots, younger kids will have a blast painting smaller planters bought from the store. It’s perfect for little hands that want to decorate the garden with you without too much mess. Plus, you can teach them how to plant small flowers and watch it grow into beautiful leaves they will be proud of showing. It’s the perfect start to a fairy garden!

Popsicle Plant Markers 

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