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9 Unusual Iron Life Hacks That Will Really Surprise You

Ironing isn’t on top of my list of Fun Things To Do, but I’ve since found out there are lots of interesting life hacks that will make your life better! Whether you want to cook, or be creative, check out the life hacks below and give it a whirl.

1. Cook bacon with an iron

Iron and foil on a cloth
Brown sauce with my bacon please!

If you’re a fan of bacon but haven’t got a pan or oven to cook it in, reach for your trusty iron.

Wrap those rashers in some foil and use the iron to heat the precious package up thoroughly. Be sure to use a towel or tea towel underneath so as not to damage any surfaces. Enjoy the smell of bacon!

2. Make paninis in your room while travelling

Here’s an interesting use for an iron! If you’re sat in a hotel room, hungry and lacking a sandwich press then don’t worry, there’s no need to panic.

Grab your panini, wrap it in foil and then use an iron to heat it up. Easy. 

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