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9 Tricks Celebrities Use to Quickly Get in Shape and Stay That Way

Heidi Klum: English salt

The diet trick that this model uses is taking baths with English salt before attending public events. The magnesium this salt contains relieves any stress and its sulfates help the body to get rid of toxins and increase serotonin levels. It is believed that such a procedure can also help with migraines, improve sleep quality, and decrease anxiety.

But if we are talking about the effect these English baths have on one’s appearance, according to Klum, such baths help to get rid of extra water weight in the belly that causes bloating. This makes a person’s shape appear much slimmer.


Jennifer Lopez: essential oils

Aromatherapy has been used for health purposes for thousands of years. Essential oils have been used in many religions around the world as a natural medical product: they were breathed in, put on the skin, and even ingested. Jennifer is a fan of the first method, breathing it in, and she is convinced that grapefruit essential oils can decrease the feeling of hunger so that she is less likely to snack.

The idea that grapefruit can help you get rid of extra weight is not new, it became popular in 1930. And if you had any doubts about the efficiency of this method, rest assured because many studies have proven that it really does help curb the appetite.

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