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9 Tricks Celebrities Use to Quickly Get in Shape and Stay That Way

Miranda Kerr: coconut oil

Considering Miranda’s line of work, she probably knows quite a lot about keeping the perfect shape. We want to remind you that in 2011 after she gave birth to her first child (Flynn Blood, the son of Orlando Bloom), she amazed all her fans when she started posting her fresh photos from Victoria’s Secret with no signs of having just completed a pregnancy (it was just a couple of months after she gave labor).

One of Kerr’s weight-loss techniques is using coconut oil which she thinks has a magical effect. It was proven a long time ago that the oil has a positive effect on the condition of one’s hair and skin. But she also uses it when cooking any food since she thinks that it increases the metabolism.


Sarah Michelle Gellar: cabbage soup

The Cabbage Soup Diet is an entire diet plan where you pretty much eat cabbage soup in unlimited amounts. But this isn’t your typical bowl of soup. There are several variations of this low-calorie food and all of them are almost tasteless and consist of onion, carrots, cabbage and a few simple ingredients.

Sarah uses this diet before any important public events and claims that it lets her lose up to 11 pounds in 7-10 days. But you should be really careful when returning to your normal eating routine not to gain the weight right back after having lost it so quickly.

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