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9 Tricks Celebrities Use to Quickly Get in Shape and Stay That Way

Famous women take very good care of their appearance and worry a lot about their shape. That’s why they usually have their own set of tricks that they use from time to time to lose weight and to stay in good physical shape. Just in time for the summer season, we are showing you their secrets!


We invite you to take a look at some of the best-hidden beauty secrets of famous women. But be warned: even though there are some really safe methods to losing weight out there, we’re going to tell you about some pretty risky ones as well. Be sure not to experiment with any of these tricks without consulting a specialist first.


Madonna: The Werewolf Diet

“The Werewolf Diet” is eating on a schedule based on the lunar calendar. The most important thing is to only drink liquids during the full moon and the next 36 hours during the new moon.

Experts explain that different lunar phases influence people’s metabolism and increase the drainage of toxins. This effect can be intensified by drinking a lot of water or other drinks. The people who tried this method claim that it’s possible to lose up to 4.5 lb in just one day.


Renée Zellweger: ice cubes

One of the tricks that this actress uses to get in shape is eating ice cubes. In fact, you can achieve the same effect if you drink a lot of cold water. This is because the body needs to spend additional temperature control to warm something up to the body’s natural temperature, which increases the metabolism. As a result, the ice which doesn’t have any calories forces the body to spend the energy which leads to losing weight.

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