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9 Supermarket Things It’s Better Not to Be Fooled by to Get Quality Products

7. Understand the labels, literally.

This means that terms like “milky” or “lactiferous” are used because the ingredients aren’t “real.” The manufacturer wasn’t trying to give them a “cuter” or a more “scientific” name. These “milkys”, “cheese-ohs”, “yogos”, and other weird names are meant to disguise and sell a cheap, low-quality equivalent of a real product.

Don’t think that signs like “no sugar added,” “no cholesterol,” “enriched with vitamins,” and others are a sign of quality. In fact, “no sugar added” means “contains a lot of chemical sweeteners,” and things that contain a lot of vitamins are not always good.

8. Choose local goods.

Sometimes we skip necessary information thinking it might be false advertising. For example, it’s necessary to check if the product was locally sourced. It’s an important criterion when choosing fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

It’s better to buy locally-sourced goods because long transportation and possible violations of carriage conditions can influence their taste and quality.


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