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9 Supermarket Things It’s Better Not to Be Fooled by to Get Quality Products

4. Use your opportunity to carefully examine the goods.

Shop workers know perfectly how to showcase their goods from the best side. Your task is to see what’s hidden. For example, lighting in meat display cases makes everything looking fresh and mouth-watering. Ask a shop worker to take a piece that you liked out and look at it yourself: it may look different under normal light.

The same can be applied to frozen foods: don’t buy foods with a lot of ice glaze on them. In the majority of cases, this means that the goods were frozen and defrosted many times, and this may be dangerous for your health. It’s also difficult to visually estimate what’s hidden under the glaze.

Try to avoid stereotypes many people avoid buying meat with a dry film on top because they think it’s old. However, that only means that this meat has had contact with air and wasn’t covered by plastic wrap. If a piece of meat looks too wet, it means that shop workers tried to “refresh” it by pouring water over it, which will make the meat less juicy once it’s cooked.

5. Beware of bright goods.

It’s nice to look at bright colors and they are associated with bright flavors. But this rule doesn’t always work with food. For example, fruit and vegetables grown in open ground normally have a dull peel color, spots, and other imperfections even though they are healthy and tasty. Fruits that were grown in greenhouses are beautiful and attractive, but they may contain chemicals.

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