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8 Insane Yet Effective Tips Only Crazy People Can Dare to Test

But lactic acid can be fatal and when there is too much in the muscle tissue it becomes poisonous. Goldfish found a way around this. In order to adapt, they learned to turn lactic acid into alcohol and expel it as waste into water. Have you figured out how to make an alcoholic beverage with their help yet?
Researchers found out that in order to get a pint of fish alcohol, you’d have to put a goldfish into a closed beer bottle filled with water for 200 days. If you want to get drunk, you only have to “can” 1,000 goldfish and add some ice.

7. Blowing bubbles works for insomnia

If you’ve gotten used to counting sheep before going to bed but the flock keeps getting bigger and bigger and your sleep keeps getting worse, you can solve this problem using bubbles. Before going to bed, try blowing some bubbles. Thanks to the deep breathing, your body will get more oxygen. And while exhaling you’ll reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in your body, the blood vessels of the brain will narrow, and you’ll feel sleepy.

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