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8 Insane Yet Effective Tips Only Crazy People Can Dare to Test

3. Saving a tooth in coconut milk

Sometimes bad things happen and if you’ve lost a tooth you should try to find a coconut. Researchers found that coconut water is more effective for preserving the cells of conjunctive tissue than milk or a salt solution. The lost tooth should be dipped into coconut water no more than 30 minutes after the incident and then put back into the cavity and pressed tight. Next it’s highly recommended to see a dentist immediately.


4. An elephant instead of a meteorologist

Researchers watched elephants migrate for 7 years and found out that these animals can feel an upcoming storm at a distance of more than 65 mi. If a herd elephants has suddenly decided to leave a place, then rain can be expected the following day. Next time you see an elephant, ask him if you’ll need an umbrella tomorrow.

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