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20 Computer Tricks to Save Your Energy and Your Data

You have been typing up some text when you suddenly see some mumbo-jumbo appear on the screen. You save a web link to read a page later and then you find out that it’s gone. You work hard on an essay and don’t save it before the computer battery dies. If you have ever been in situations like these, we have good news for you — soon, you will forget about them once and for all.


We are sharing tricks that ensure you won’t lose any important data and save time when doing everyday tasks on the computer. And don’t forget about the great bonus waiting for you at the end of the article.


The Internet


1. To reopen a recently closed tab:

  • Windows — Ctrl + Shift + T
  • macOS — Cmd + Shift + T

2. To save a webpage as a PDF:

  • Windows — Ctrl + P, then choose “Save as a PDF”
  • macOS — Cmd + P, then choose “Save as a PDF” in the drop-down menu

3. It’s easy to find a specific book in Google: open the advanced search and choose the necessary file format — PDF, DOC, RTF, DjVu.

4. To learn the time in any city, type “time+city” into the search engine.

5. To learn the currency exchange rate, type “900 dollars in euros” into the search engine.

6. To use Google as a calculator: type in the desired number and plus, minus and other symbols and press “Enter”.

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