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12 Unexpected Ways to Make Old Things New Again

7. Onion for cleaning leather

Cut the onion in half and rub the soiled leather surface. Then use a soft cloth to wipe the item. It should become shiny again.


8. Hairspray for stains

If there is a cosmetic stain on your clothes, you can treat it with hairspray, wipe with a napkin, and wash as usual. This product is also indispensable when removing spots from nail polish. Spray it on a toothbrush and clean the stained area.


9. Baby shampoo for eyeglasses

In order to remove minor scratches from eyeglasses, you can use baby shampoo. You need to pour a little shampoo on the lenses and rub it in. Clean the remains with a napkin and it will help your glasses to look like new.

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