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11 Pieces of Advice That Can Save Your Life in a Critical Situation

Bonus: How to survive an earthquake:

The triangle of life is a theory originated by Doug Copp. It suggests the best place to hide in during an earthquake. According to Copp, a void is usually formed next to furniture items and if a person sits in or curls up in this area, they can be protected against falling walls. The name “The Triangle of Life” comes from the triangular shape of the area.

However, this theory has been criticized and rejected by the American Red Cross and other agencies explaining that it’s difficult to foresee where those triangles will be formed. Moreover, according to statistics, deaths and injuries during earthquakes most often happen due to the falling and moving objects rather than falling structures, thus making lying near big objects dangerous.


How are your first aid skills? Is there anything that we forgot to mention? Share your knowledge with us and write your experiences in the comments below!

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