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11 Pieces of Advice That Can Save Your Life in a Critical Situation

2. Indirect heart massage

It is necessary to perform an indirect heart massage if the affected person is not showing signs of a pulse. First of all, you need to call an ambulance and keep performing an indirect heart massage until the paramedics arrive. Even if there is still no pulse, an indirect heart massage with artificial respiration helps to supply the human body with the oxygen it needs.

  • Place your palms crosswise on the lower third of the affected person’s chest.
  • Start pushing with a frequency of one time per one minute.
  • Don’t bend your elbows because your whole body mass should be involved while massaging.

It’s necessary to perform artificial respiration together with an indirect heart massage. During this procedure, the affected person’s nose should be pinched and air should be blown into their mouth.

  • If the resuscitation is performed by 2 people, the ratio of the pushes and inhales should be 5:1, accordingly.
  • If the resuscitation is performed by one person, the ratio should be 15:2 (inhale twice in a row.)
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